Physical Copy:


By: Matthew McConaughey

Rating: B

Alright. Alright. Alright.

I took a little break from the business and personal development books in favor of a little entertainment.

Ole Matthew has lived a different life. This book is definitely R rated so walk into it with that understanding.

I listened to this one on audio and THAT is the only way to do it. Matthew McConaughey colorfully narrates the audiobook. Colorfully.

There are a ton of stories that made me laugh out loud.

My favorite stories:

  • Wrestling tribesmen in Africa
  • Coming of age fist fights with his Dad
  • How his Dad passed away
  • Peeing over his Dad’s head
  • Dazed and Confused character development
  • Struggles with fame
  • Playing the bongo drums naked
  • Year studying abroad in Australia

Next Steps:

Matthew has always prioritized adventure. As I sit and plan 2021, I think I will make planning a little adventure a priority.

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