Evil Has A Name: The Untold Story Of The Golden State Killer Investigation


By: Paul Holes and Jim Clemente

Rating: B+

I have been in a grind with some solar energy textbooks lately. When I feel tired or worn down by a subject, sometimes I take a break. I want to keep it fun so I can read forever.

I really enjoy true crime podcasts, books, and movies. Mostly about solved and cold-case serial killers.

It is morbid but I really enjoy hearing the process of the investigation and how one little piece of evidence can be the link that stops a monster. I don’t enjoy CSI shows though so I am not sure how to put my finger on what draws me. I am curious about why these monsters became monsters. Is it psychology or events in their life or both?

The 1960s-1980s were the golden age for American serial killers. It is odd that most of these men were the children of men that fought in World War II. The late 60s to the early 80s was when these children grew into adults that could act on their evil desires.

Technology was their nemesis. In the mid 80s, rape-kits became accepted to use in court and a ton of these monsters were caught.

Now, gene coding and DNA tests like 23andme have created a giant database of DNA. Recently, this has been allowed as evidence to solve decade old cold cases.

We are now in the golden age of solving cold cases. I can’t wait to see how many cold cases get solved over the next few years.

I recommend this one. Great story told by the guys that cracked the case.

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