75 Hard: Year 2


We finished the 75 Hard challenge for the second year in a row this last week.

It was worth it. I did the challenge this year with Steven Willis, Josh Wilson, and Luke Jones. The camaraderie is half the fun.

Last October I had a good case of Covid. I lost 20 pounds over 2 weeks and felt terrible for a while. I tried to gain weight by eating Little Debbie’s every night. High Sugar!!! Prior to starting the challenge this year I felt terrible. Lots of gut pain, headaches, and I felt weak.

Today, I feel fantastic and have a ton of energy.



I have spent the last couple of years investigating and working on my gut health. I had a breakthrough during this challenge. Following this recipe makes me feel better than I have in years: Low sugar, low grain, no heavy cream, low seed oil, and no more than 100mg of caffeine in a sitting. 

What I will keep:

  • 1 meal w/ grain in it per day
  • 1 meal w/ dairy in it per day
  • No Soda
  • 1 sugary dessert per week (I had no sugary desserts during 75 Hard)

What I will do different next year:

  • Start the challenge leaner.
  • Track weights in every session from the start (I started tracking the last 6 weeks and gained a ton of strength trying to beat myself each week.)

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