The 4 C’s Formula: Your Building Blocks Of Growth: Commitment, Courage, Capability, And Confidence

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By: Dan Sullivan

Rating: B-

This book is about personal growth. If you want to grow as a person, athlete, in your career, whatever it is, you have to have courage. Some of the most important character traits I want to teach my sons are addressed in this book. Courage and a growth mindset.

If they want to do something worthwhile, they will have to commit to it, have the courage to be bad at it for a season, and know that they can develop the capability to achieve it. That is a repeatable process for breakthroughs in every area of life. 

The Main Concept

How Every Breakthrough Happens:

The 4 C’s:

  1. Commitment: Nothing starts until you commit to achieving a specific measurable result by a specific date in your future. Commit to a goal.
  1. Courage: After you’ve made the commitment, courage is required because you have to take action before you’ve acquired the capability to achieve the result. This hurts. You are bad at something. You might fail. But you have the courage to continue to take action.
  1. Capability: Because you were committed to have courage to continue to pursue your goal, you eventually develop a new capability. You get good at something you originally didn’t know how to do.
  1. Confidence: You had the courage to pursue your commitment and attained both the commitment and a new capability. The growth through that process produces confidence.

Commitment leads to Courage.

Courage leads to Capability.

Capability leads to Confidence.

Then you commit to a bigger goal. A bigger future and restart the process all over again.

The best leaders and achievers use this process whether they know it or not. It starts with commitment and courage.

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