Can’t Hurt Me

Physical Copy:


By: David Goggins

Rating: B+

I have seen this book for years but have never given it a chance. 

Several people recommended this to me. I have read quite a few self improvement books by military guys. I enjoy a lot of the stories but the life advice just isn’t for me. 

I don’t need to hear someone tell me laced with curse words to work harder, get up earlier, be tougher, do hard stuff, or do more. 

That’s a lot of what this book had to offer. 

I don’t need that. Self discipline and drive is a muscle that me and my close group of friends have built over time and continue to work on. 

BUT this book had some wild stories. My jaw dropped several times. 

His ability to run, swim, bike, do pull-ups and endure any pain is incredible. 

I am currently training for a marathon in November. So I listened to this while running and it was just what I needed. 

Motivation and sobering reality to what lies ahead. 

The most fun I had was running on the beach and listening to stories of him crossing over from Navy Seal to Army Ranger. 

Galveston, TX

That man (David Goggins not me) is made of tough stuff. 

My Biggest Takeaway

Consistently do hard things. 

You have to be uncomfortable to grow. Doing hard physical things works your physical muscles no doubt. There is a need to be physically strong. 

But doing hard physical things also works your mental muscles, which is more powerful. You build the confidence knowing that if I can do this or that hard thing, I can do anything. 

Recommended if you want to get motivated by hearing cursing and crazy stories.

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