The Infinite Game

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By: Simon Sinek

Rating: A

“Our lives are finite, but life is infinite. We are the finite players in the infinite game of life. We come and go, we’re born and we die, and life still continues with us or without us.” 

The concept of the Infinite Game is that businesses develop a bigger purpose that inspires the people within a company to pursue a purpose for multiple generations rather than just the lifetime of the founders.

Simon’s point in the book is that infinite-minded companies last longer, achieve more, and are generally more successful and beneficial to the world. 

What will come of your business when you die?

Will it cease to exist, get sold piece by piece, or continue to thrive and make an impact?

To develop an “Infinite Business”:

  1. Develop a “Just Cause”.

To create a multigenerational company, you must have a “Just Cause”.

A “Just Cause” is something bigger than you. 

  • It must be FOR something rather than just AGAINST something. 
  • The primary beneficiary must be someone other than the business itself.
  • A vision that can inspire for generations, not something you can get done by next week.
  1. Build a team that is excited about pursuing that cause.

Hire people based on their unique abilities. Build a culture to pursue your “Just Cause”. Incentivize your people to win like owners.

If you want to create a multi-generational company, how do your decisions change?

Your next steps, the people you hire, what you do with your cash, etc. 

This is interesting to ponder. The companies that have done this well have changed many more lives. There is an engineering firm in Lubbock that is very intentional about its succession plan and is on their 3rd generation of “owners”.


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