Faith Driven Entrepreneur

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By: Henry Kaestner

Rating: A

Our vocational ministers are vital to God’s kingdom. Few Christians would argue that. 

However, our Entrepreneurs are JUST AS VITAL to the kingdom. Just as every other uniquely gifted skillset God has given his children. 

We are not good at telling that story and modeling that to the flock. 

This book addresses that vitality, as well as, the pitfalls to be proactive with. God made you uniquely and has a use for your skills despite what our culture and cynics say.

As Christians in America, there is a level of guilt we carry about working and making money. Our culture has villainized both Christians and successful people in business. Our Church culture has played their part in that as well. Even the best of us can subconsciously carry this guilt and shame.

The author addresses this early on in the book when he discusses the “Call to Create”.

Our Call to Create

“Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to step into a purpose that is aligned with who God is and how God has made them. Just as pastors are taking the gifts God has given them and giving those gifts back to others, entrepreneurs can take the creative problem-solving energy within them and pour that back out into society in a way that is beneficial to those who receive it and glorifying to the God who instilled it in them in the first place.”

God did not make us all with the gifts to be preachers as a vocation. That. Is. Okay.

God gave each of us unique gifts and circumstances to use to bring glory to him and grow in relationship with him. Your skills are just as valuable to the kingdom as the preacher standing at the pulpit every Sunday.

I want to feel useful in the Kingdom of God. I think we all do. We want to serve a purpose.

Two other chapters really struck me. 

The one titled “Don’t Worship Work” and the one titled “Excellence Matters”

Don’t Worship Work

There are two extremes here to consider. Those who loathe work and those who worship it. It is clear in scripture that we were made to work. And the issues that come with sloth and laziness are severely affecting our country but it was the other side of the spectrum that struck me. The author explained the worship of work in a different way than I had considered.

Through the lens of pride we can often worship work. When we stress and worry and put our heads down and work non-stop we are making God small and putting ourselves up on a pedestal. We think “We HAVE to fix this!” Of course there is a healthy level of personal responsibility but when we no longer rely on God, we have made our pride an idol. 

Entrepreneurship and work cannot ultimately deliver satisfaction, meaning, or significance. Solomon gained nearly the entire world and was still empty. Jim Carrey wants everyone in the world to make millions so they can see that it is not the answer.

Our satisfaction, meaning, and significance is already found in Christ. Our work is an expression of that. We are using our gifts and talents to honor him and grow the Kingdom. That is it.

Excellence Matters

I really don’t enjoy listening to the Christian Radio stations. I couldn’t put my finger on it for a long time but I think it is because they simply aren’t as good as mainstream music. The quality of singer, production, lyrics. The same goes with “Christian” movies. B level movies at best with C level actors.

Whether it is true or not, I hate that perception.

The perception that you have to sacrifice quality to spend your time or money with a “Christian” business.

The degree to which we do our work well affects our opportunity to witness and be heard. 

Obviously, when taken to extremes there are negative effects on the other end of the spectrum.

Pursuing excellence for excellence’s sake can leave us empty if we are trying to boost our own self esteem, ego, etc. When we work at something as for the Lord, there will be joy and a higher purpose.

Being a “Christian” in the marketplace should represent the highest level of quality, integrity, and value.

I highly recommend this one!

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