Albert Gillispie

I have read 340+ books since 2012, mostly in business and self improvement. I’ve read some good ones and some bad ones. One thing is for sure is that reading has changed my life. Most of the life skills I have today were not taught in school but through reading and doing. I began writing book reviews in 2016 and that led me to start this blog. I want to make it easier for people to gain insights from my reviews and search previous reviews.

My Career Path

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Professionally, I am a real estate entrepreneur and Principal at Rebus Capital. Rebus Capital is a multifamily real estate investing company with $80mm in assets under management. Kaizen or continuous improvement is one of our core values as a company. We are grateful for where we are but humble enough to know that we can always be better. www.rebuscap.com

Personally, I am a Christian, Husband to Tristan, and Dad to Easton and Barrett.

I hope you get some value added to your life and business through this blog.

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