The Team Success Handbook: 12 Strategies for Highly Productive Entrepreneurial Teams

Physical Copy: Audiobook Copy: By: Shannon Waller Rating: A- This was a short and sweet book about the difference between entrepreneurial organizations and corporate/bureaucratic organizations. The book went on to give 12 strategies for entrepreneurial teams. Entrepreneurial Organizations vs. Corporate Organizations: Entrepreneurial Bureaucratic Learn by doing Learn by researching Unstructured Structured Fluid Rigid Contribution StatusContinue reading “The Team Success Handbook: 12 Strategies for Highly Productive Entrepreneurial Teams”

Unique Ability 2.0

Physical Copy: By: Shannon Waller Rating: A+ This is directly from my executive coach. Focus and develop your strengths. Find others that are strong where you are weak and hire them.  We are taught throughout school to develop our weaknesses. Aside from learning basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, you can make the biggest impact onContinue reading “Unique Ability 2.0”

75 Hard: Year 2

Prescription: We finished the 75 Hard challenge for the second year in a row this last week. It was worth it. I did the challenge this year with Steven Willis, Josh Wilson, and Luke Jones. The camaraderie is half the fun. Last October I had a good case of Covid. I lost 20 pounds overContinue reading “75 Hard: Year 2”

From Space to Earth: The Story of Solar Electricity

Physical Copy: By: John Perlin Rating: C This was the last of my solar energy exploration books. As the title suggests, this book told the history of applications of solar energy. At this point, I am shelving this effort. It has become abundantly clear that the technology is not ready. The grid, the panels, theContinue reading “From Space to Earth: The Story of Solar Electricity”

Profit First for Real Estate Investing

Physical Copy: Audiobook: By: David Richter Rating: B I am a big Mike Michalowicz fan. I’ve read several of his books. He is a very practical author.  One of his books is titled Profit First. This book was written as a supplement to that for real estate investors.  The main concept from the book isContinue reading “Profit First for Real Estate Investing”

Your Next 5 Moves

Physical Copy: Audiobook: By: Patrick Bet-David Rating: B The title of the book gave this one away. “Hey, stupid. Plan your next 5 moves! Just do that!” That is the main gist. The author has several colorful stories of how he learned this lesson. I don’t have a lot of common ground with his lifestyleContinue reading “Your Next 5 Moves”

Foundations of Real Estate Financial Modeling

Physical Copy: By: Roger Staiger Rating: B This was a 550 page textbook over the methods of building and refining real estate financial modeling. It was dense with complex formulas within Microsoft Excel to build models for single family real estate, multifamily, retail, hotel, office, development, and so on. We used this to refine ourContinue reading “Foundations of Real Estate Financial Modeling”

The World for Sale: Money, Power, and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources

Physical Copy: Audiobook: By: Javier Blas Rating: B+ Prior to reading this my exposure to commodities was the cotton exchange in New York and odd examples of businessmen crashing the potato trade by dumping tons and tons of potatoes into rivers at the turn of the century.  What do commodity traders do? Commodity traders buyContinue reading “The World for Sale: Money, Power, and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources”

The New Investor’s Guide to Owning a Mobile Home Park

Physical Copy: Audiobook: By: Laura Cochran Rating: C I am intrigued by the mobile home park industry. We have such a need for affordable housing and the need is growing. I am curious about developing large mobile home parks around the periphery of larger markets outside of the city limits. My exposure to investors andContinue reading “The New Investor’s Guide to Owning a Mobile Home Park”


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